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Monday, January 29, 2007

DeviantArt Tutorials

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So you've scoured, tried every possible search engine, and thoroughly investigated every diy livejournal community. Thankfully, there's a new resource overflowing with tutorials, patterns and instructions for any crafty endeavour you may be interested in- be it the study of human anatomy to improve your artistic skills, a beginner's guide to photoshop and sculpting, or a instructions for drinking beer underwater (seriously). Some are incredibly cute, most are very well-illustrated- works of art in themselves.

Just remember to put all of these tutorials to good use. As a fellow pattern-hoarder, I know what it's like to have most of the space on your computer taken up with saved files from the internet, all including instructions for making cool clothes (and yet, an empty closet). Why not join DeviantArt while you're there and display all the stuff you've created from their helpful tutorials?

Right: How to Crochet Tutorial by ~VolensVivarium

-Amanda C.Q.

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