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Saturday, March 3, 2007

KneLow Cosmetics to take over the world?

Hello. My name is Raven, and I am addicted to lip gloss, lip balm, & basically anything that could fall under that category.I have searched far and wide for the best chap stick around, and Knelow Cosmetics is definitely where it's at. So far I've tried the Pomegranate and Vanilla Tingle "Lip Mercy"s, and both are to die for. Definitely one of my favorite cosmetic companies around.
So I did an interview with one half of the cosmetic company, Jamie, about the company itself and the founders.

Who are the creative girls behind KneLow cosmetics?

Jamie and Lisa are the KneLow Girls!
Jamie loves the edge of contrast including 50's pin-up girl style that borders on rock-a-billy, clothes and decor of black and white and stripey things. Her style in clothing and all aspects of decorating are slightly harder edged and organized. She is very co-ordinated from her shoes to her eyeshadow. But sometimes a girl has to relax and she also loves the rock-n-roll fashions made famous by Anita Pallenberg or the smudgy
make-up worn by Chrissie Hynde the lead singer of The Pretender's who perform her favorite song "Brass in Pocket"! One word describes Lisa...Eclectic!!! She also loves fashion but it's harder to pinpoint for her. She loves romantic ruffles and lace but also the bright colors and bold prints of Pucci. Bohemian style clothes and attitude is her closest match. She also uses this same style to decorate her home as well,using shabby chic and designer style to clash in a beautifully artistic way. Scarves of all shapes, sizes and colors are also a favorite staple for her wardrobe and she wears them in all kinds of combinations.

How did you two meet?

We met in the second grade in our home town of Seattle. We didn't become friends right away but we soon started to get into misadventures that led to weeding the schools gardens. Some one definitely should have called the CPS! By high school we where inseparable and still are. The only thing that has changes is 20 something years is when we are feeling mischievous we try to channel it into more creative endeavors instead of juvenile destruction.

What inspired you to start your own cosmetics company?

We have both always loved cosmetics and bath products and one day we decided to start our own company so we could make them the way we wanted them to be. We thought about what products we would want to start off with and did research and made them. It was all really simple and way less complicated than you would think. We have a high quality standard and are very discriminating on what our product should be so it was easy for us. We also have a great group of family and friends who know that we appreciate honesty so they were the perfect guinea pigs!

How did you come up with the name for this awesome company?

That also is simple we just incorporated parts of our last names, the"Kne" comes from Lisa's name and the "Low" comes from Jamie's.What do you like to do in your spare time? KneLow is what we do in our spare time. Jamie is a full time stylist in a salon and Lisa is a full time florist. KneLow also lets us do our favorite thing, shopping! Got to research and keep up on the competition to be current and hip!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

KneLow is what we do in our spare time. Jamie is a full time stylist in a salon and Lisa is a full time florist. KneLow also lets us do our favorite thing, shopping! Got to research and keep up on the competition to be current and hip!

Any other projects that you are involved in?

We do numerous events through out the year. Some of the regulars are I Heart Rummage a really fun Indie craft sale in Seattle the first Sunday ofthe month at the Crocodile Cafe on 2nd Ave. Check out I Heart Rummage for current details. We also do an event called the Swank show that is 4 times a year before holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day, etc. also featuring the best Indie crafters Seattle has to offer. This year will be our second year at Bumbershoot, Seattle's premier music festival that is scheduled Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend. This is a very big one folks and if you've ever been you know how much fun it is and the music rocks! We will be in the Indie CraftMarket by the famous International fountain. Go to to checkout the full line up of crafters attending and the full line up of musicgroups. This event never disappoints! What does the future hold for KneLow Cosmetics?World Domination! If that doesn't happen immediately we'll take barrelsand barrels of success and brand recognition. Our line will also beintroducing several new products this year for sure and a few maybes. A few of our fragrances are waving bye-bye and we are introducing 3 new ones to take their place. Wilhelmina a pretty rose floral blend, Lavinia a sassylavender, and Antoinette a sexy amber infusion. New Products we will belaunching this year are; Shower Gel (name to be announced) in all 12 fragrance and fragrance free, Sweet Mercy a lip treatment with sugar toex-foliate dry lips in all six of our fabulous flavors, Retro Cream Perfume also available in all 12 fragrances. The maybes include incense sticks and cones, Retro Cream Soap, and Candles all in our 12 fragrances.

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