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Saturday, March 10, 2007


The most frustrating thing about living in Trinidad is that the diy ethic hasn't really caught on yet. The arts and craft industry is geared towards generating souvenirs for tourists- there isn't really much of a market for handmade stuff otherwise. People hardly make their own things, 'cause they aren't really given an incentive to do it by the government, or by society. 'Making stuff' really isn't considered that cool anyway.

I discovered Threadbanger via the Craftzine blog. It's this new video podcast that's especially dedicated towards clothing reconstruction (if you've been reading the zine for some time, you'd probably know that it's something I find pretty interesting). Each week the hosts interview an artist or feature tutorials or clips sent in by viewers. Right now they're asking for suggestions for upcoming videos. Sign up and you can upload video clips of your own. The best thing about the podcast is that it combines activism and awareness, a very cool punk sensibility, and tips that you'd actually use into one convenient form. Like a Willy Wonka three-course meal pill, without the blueberry side effect.

Here's the first video (other two available at



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