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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Cinematics – A Strange Education

They are a band from the faraway land of Glasgow, Scotland. With emphasis and influence dipping into various pots - The Smiths, Talking Heads, Television - they have shown themselves to be a delightfully entertaining band. I listened to several tracks, and I have come to admire the way they seduce their lyrics into manipulating themselves into a sort of masterpiece. After listening to Human, I'm reminded as to why I enjoy listening to European bands so much. Being in Germany myself, it makes me think of the beauty this continent holds. It's truly a beautiful feeling.

One song that conjured up mixed emotions was Keep Forgetting, otherwise known as track eight on the album. A combination of guitars and drums make the track dance-worthy, but with lyrics like, Riot shields and plastic bullets / An eye for an eye / We'll keep pushing, we'll keep pushing / All our very modern ways, I'm left recalling the days of the WTO protests that occurred several years ago in my home state of Washington, specifically Seattle. With lyrics like that, it is no wonder they are so popular. They've hit the hard notes, and they're not afraid to stop just yet.

I find the Cinematics to be a band that could set the way for many to come. Their lyrics are amazing, and their talent leaves me anxious to hear more. Their musical influences are strong in their own sound, which pays tribute to the old and the new. It is a kind memory that allows me to reminisce back to the days when I was just a teenager, with the hobby of going to shows, and basking in the beauty of the sounds leaving the mouths and instruments of struggling bands. Long summer drives and cool summer nights were the constant reminders bands like the Cinematics gave me. If these men can do that, then I applaud them. I hope to see many more who can do the same.



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