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Monday, March 19, 2007

Breaking into the Biz #1

"I want to feel more independent and more like an adult. My parents pay for practically everything. What can I do? Have any ideas?"

"What about that t-shirt business you were thinking about years ago?"

"I guess..."

"I've got some money to invest from giving lessons. You know how to make t-shirts. I'll be the capitalist and you can be the proletariat I exploit. We'll sell them in the music store. This is going to be fun."

"Hell no! It was my idea in the first place. Remember when I was going to make you a t-shirt that said 'My penis is handcrafted by God?'" We'll both be CEOs, only I'll be CEO #1 and you can be CEO#2."

"'My penis is handcrafted by God' was my idea! You don't have a penis!"

"Whatever, CEO #2."

And so, it begins. On Friday, when my boyfriend and I came home from seeing 300 at the cinema, we started talking about the things we wanted to change in our lives. After planning out a strategy to achieve the perfect Spartan body ("I'm in a new band now- maybe I should work on amping up my sex appeal..."), we decided to start a t-shirt business. We came to the conclusion that there's a definite shortage of cool, affordable clothes in Trinidad. But, more importantly, we realized that we need the extra cash.

I'll document the gruelling, inevitably entertaining journey here in the blog-slash-zine. Hopefully someone is able to learn something from our experience, or at least get a good laugh.

Next week: A peek into our brainstorming session for t-shirt slogans ("How about, like, something saying 'Puppets Rule'? Wouldn't you wear that? I know I would!"), a name for the company, and our shopping for supplies. Yes, we are total newbies at this. No, we have no business sense whatsoever. We're artists, man.

Link: Check out Mark Lim's guide to making and selling t-shirts online here. This guy left college to become an entrepreneur, something that I could probably never do. He's now the owner of a clothing company called Poison Apple. Check it out
(above- Mark Lim and one of his creations from Poison Apple Shirts).



Blogger Max California said...

I often find myself thinking that something I have said or heard would be HILARIOUS on a shirt..

e.g:: I've got I've-been-dragged-all-over-the-carpet hair

Yeh, I hope you guys do well!

April 7, 2007 at 12:57 AM  

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