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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Not your grandmother's doilies

Have you ever spotted someone you wished you could immortalize forever? Someone who you'd never seen before, but triggered some kind of spark or connection. Perhaps it was their facial expression, or the way they were sitting. Maybe, if you'd remembered to carry your digital camera, you could have snapped a photo of them when they weren't looking. Netamir from Israel creates crocheted dolls, which all seem like the snapshots of strangers we wish we could capture at times.

Check out the crocheted anarchist inspired by some guys she passed by near her house:

Crocheted artist:

You can even order a doll in your own image and likeness for $55. It's the ultimate birthday present to give yourself. Or, better yet, order a doll for your best friend or your mom and leave it somewhere conspicuous enough for them to discover it on their own. They'll either be really flattered or really freaked out.

Check out her blog and etsy shop.

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Blogger neta said...

I have just noticed your beautiful post about my dolls, thank you so much, I really like the way you describe my way of creating the crochet doll as a snapshot it is really like that.
A collage of snap shots.
Thanks again and very glad to meet you.

April 23, 2007 at 10:48 AM  

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