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Friday, April 13, 2007

I spend enough time on ebay to know a good thing when I see it.

T-shirt surgery is all the rage on the indie fashion circuit, but if you're familiar with the whole-and I hate to use this word- scene, you know that there are lots who do it but few who do it right; to a high degree of professionalism. Ok, so diy is not supposed to be about attaining mass-produced perfection.. but you have to give props to people who put so much effort into the creation process that the end result is like, wow.

Valerie reconstructs threadless and band tees and sells them mainly through her ebay store. She also sells her handmade originals through her etsy store. Her style is vintage-inspired/ j-pop/punk like many indie designers nowadays, but there's a distinct uniqueness that marks her items as stand-outs from your average diy creation.

It's a highly competitive race trying to buy one of her items on ebay. Those ebay snipers who wait until the last minute to purchase something are vicious! I have never won a single auction of hers, but hope to soon!

She tells me that she may be updating next week, so add her store to your favourites now!

Do yourself a much-needed favour and check out her portfolio here for inspiration.


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posted at 11:11. make a wish!

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