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Monday, January 29, 2007

First Post :D

Seeing as this is my first post, I guess it would be good to start off with an introduction:

My name is Raven. I`m a graphic artist currently residing in SW Virginia, and I run Avocado Tree Distro and Panda Girl, a little DIY business. I`ll be blogging about everything artsy- interviewing new and upcoming artist, doing book and zine reviews, posting tutorials, and giving advice on running your own distro or DIY craft business. If you have any questions, you can find my e-mail address in my profile :]

& also for my first post, i`ve decided to review one of my favorite craft zines, Scrappy!

Scrappy Zine No. 1: Stitches by Niku
$3 / 33 pages / half size

I`ve noticed that most craft zines are usually in color, and have tons of handmade touches to them, and Scrappy is no different. When I opened the neatly decorated envelope from Niku a couple of months ago, I knew I was in for something good. The cover alone grasps your attention, & once you open to the table of contents, you know this is going to be a great zine. Hand-drawn and mostly handwritten, Niku has made her first craft zine unbelieveable. This issue features sewing projects, from cardgian reconstruction to zine cozies, to funky Christmas stockings to fun with felt! She has included basics for sewing, which i found extremely helpful, especially for first time sewers. Purple cover with title of zine in color glued on, and bound with cute fuzzy yarn. Definately a best seller in the distro.


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