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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Learning from each other

Tonight while I was washing dishes, the story of a fifth grader at a local elementary school came on the local news. I had to stop what I was doing to listen to her story.

Tara Galvin created a button bracelet to call to mind children who have been physically or sexually abused. She organized a campaign, “Operation Hot Button,” in which friends and family donated buttons so that she and her classmates can make approximately 600 bracelets for a fundraiser for the local child advocacy center.

This young girl has taken a stand and is making a difference in her corner of the world. Her inspiration came from a button display in the advocacy center that stands to remind the children that come there that they are not alone.

Her inspiration then went on to inspire everyone around her.

Every day we all come in contact with people – family, friends and even strangers – who have the potential to light a fire in us to get up and do something. In some cases, we strive to make a real difference in the world and in others. In other cases, we simply are moved to enrich our own lives.

I wrote a letter to my brother once, and in it I told him how his son, my nephew, had reintroduced me to the world. Through his eyes, everything was new and fresh again. I felt compelled to go out and discover my own new things. That little boy is still my greatest inspiration.

Take a moment when at the mall to sit down on a bench and watch the people move around you. Take in those that walk with determination and purpose. Look for those who have no real aim and wander without a goal. Take in children and the elderly. How do each of these people make you feel?

We can find inspiration in others every day. Galvin is leading a movement to help and support children who have been abused. My nephew showed me how to look at things I see every day with a whole new light. Watching people at the mall makes me smile and moves me to tears all at the same time.

Open your eyes and your ears. Learn from some; reach out a helping hand to others. We all need and affect one another whether any of us are willing to admit it or not.

- Denise

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