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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Read, then do

The best thing about the growing popularity of crafting is the new wave of oh-so-cool books!

Second Time Cool: The Art of Chopping up a Sweater

Not really new, but translated from an original Swedish book to English. The book seems filled with pictures of sweater reconstruction possibilities, but skimps on the intructions. Oh, well- the pictures are fantastic!

Check out a few free sample pages from the publisher here.

Alternation is a book that hasn't been released yet. It deals with reconstruction of thrift store finds. Will be available some time this year; I haven't seen the exact date posted anywhere.

Check out the Alternation blog for updates.

The last is a book which hasn't been getting much publicity at all, when compared to other popular books such as Craftivity and Tease. This is really surprising, as the title's been out for a while, seems pretty interesting and includes contributions from the superstars of indie craft and design, like Jenny Hart. It's called Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book and features basic knitting, crocheting, sewing and other craft projects. The snippets provided by Amazon are tantalizing enough to push the book into the realm of something I'd buy.

Apparently I qualify for a free trial of Amazon Prime, so these plus the new Harry Potter will definitely make my year. Expect real reviews pretty soon, as well as reviews of Sew U, Tease, and 108 Ways to Reconstruct a T-shirt.




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