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Monday, February 5, 2007

Get busy living, or get busy trying!

So you're probably sitting in front of your computer, tired from a long day at school or work. Maybe you've just put the kids to bed- maybe you're just trying to avoid the pile of work you've got to finish tonight. In the fifteen minutes you've got to yourself, you recall the times you used to dream about becoming an astronaut, or a director, or a famous writer. Maybe you still dream about these things. Maybe you make excuses- you think you're too broke, or you didn't go to some fancy film school. Sigh.

Here's where Jim from No Media Kings comes in. He used to be a novelist under HarperCollins, then decided that he could publish his work on his own. He has subsequently released several novels, short films, and is currently publishing a graphic novel. He's not a magician who keeps the secrets of his trade up his sleeves-on his site are detailed guides to writing, marketing and releasing books and films. Special mention goes out to the short guide on "Time Management for Anarchists", as well as the screenprinting tutorial.

Two of his books are available for free download here. (This site is also pretty great- it offers other free books you can download and put on your ipod!)

And if you were wondering- yes, this guy is incredibly awesome.


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