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Monday, January 29, 2007

Have You Heard of Buffalo Exchange ???????

What a girl to do with an addiction to shopping but with funds so low Target seems like a luxury consignment shop.Buffalo Exchange is one of the most wonderful consignment shops in the USA. Buffalo Exchange started out with simple beginnings in the State of Arizona in 1974 and know has several locations in 12 states. Buffalo Exchange presents a type of atmosphere that has you walking in and out feeling the same way Happy. Buffalo Exchange have steals and deals galore. I went there and purchased pair of Armani heels for only $12.99. My best friend got a gown for a pageant for around $25.00 and a pair of heels for $9.99 can't beat those prices. So know your probably sulking, say to yourself there no Buffalo Exchange in my city!! No fret there a Buffalo Exchange on EBay allowing you to get a taste of their sweet deals.

Until Later... K.Monroe



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