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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Life's Hard

The biggest thing about living the "grown up" life is creating a Budget. Budgeting will keep your head above the water. My first thought was to purchase cable or to get Netflix, Inc. After taking the time out to weigh the Pros and Cons I decided Netflix, Inc. was the way to go.

This Is My Pro and Con List
*Free Trial
*Prices Starting at $4.99
*Cheaper Than Cable or Satellite
*No Late Fees
*I can get T.V series episodes for cheap
*Did I mention no late Fees

*No Free Trials
*Installation Fee
*For the Basic service $29.95
*Late Fees
*Cost extra to see T.V Series I love with On Demand

I've had Netflix for a while know and must admit I am a very satisfied customer. Just try it!!!! What a free trial going to hurt? Nothing!!!!


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