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Friday, February 9, 2007

Love, for real

Valentine's day is coming up soon. It feels as though it has crept up upon me.. it's not something I look forward to- or, in fact, have ever looked forward to. I've never sent a card to anyone, or even written a love letter (God forbid!) Sharing intimate feelings has always left an unnerving aftertaste of embarrassment and awkwardness in my mouth. If I'm asked as to whether I have a valentine this year, I'll most likely laugh and change the subject.

It always impresses me when people are able not to be as guarded as I am. Take Asia, for instance, webmistress of and creator of the love letters project. I discovered this link a few years back and recently happened upon it again. The site features 400 letters, written to strangers, friends, enemies, and lovers. The actual letters that were sent are published online, in such a frank and honest manner that I never could fathom applying to my own life. They're refreshing, sweet, and sometimes unpleasant glimpses into Asia's actual experiences with actual people.

Read, and don't forget to explore Asia's other noteworthy projects.



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