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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sophisticated fashion on familiar streets

Being from Seattle myself, it has always been a treat to explore the streets. With Diesel on one corner and Starbucks on the next, it's easy to find inspiration in the various pieces men and women wear these days. Though runway models are meant to show off complex (and simple) pieces that are known to cost hundreds or thousands, it can be as simple to find similar pieces at the local thrift store or Target.

I haven't been to Seattle in almost a year, but it's still hard to forget the various handmade scarves and modified skirts that many women are seen wearing at the local record store. Pike/Pine is a blog that features these citizens. Many of these people are just souls wandering the streets. Their clothes radiate beauty and creativity to those who see them, and that is what the blog portrays. The captions may leave you to your own opinion, but that makes the photographs the true landmarks of the writer's talent. Being able to capture these magnificent subjects is something that allows the reader to feel inspired by creativity. If one more person feels the need to create a simple outfit into an original ensemble, then maybe they, too, can feel the spotlight upon their skin.



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