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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pancake Meow taking Pre-orders!

Pancake Meow, run by Leslie who makes the most adorably quirky scented clay jewellery, is now taking pre-orders for her custom coloured and scented cupcakes. These tend to run out quite quickly- order before it's too late!

She's also begun to offer the CUTEST sugar-cookie heart rings. Ok. It's been confirmed. I really need to eat right now.



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Exotic Foods for the Lazy

This list is for the people who love trying new foods, but are either too busy or too lazy to make them. I've included recipes for foods found all around the world, because everyone's version of 'exotic' differs according to where they live. All of these items are quick and easy to prepare, and for the most part only require ingredients found around the house. They make great party foods, or simply treats to gobble by yourself as you watch reruns of Project Runway or America's Next Top Model . Yes, I am one greedy, happy person- thanks for asking.

1. Vegetable Pakora are the tastiest, crunchiest snacks from India. They're traditionally made from veggies like carrots, onion rings, potatoes, cauliflower and/or broccoli coated in a spiced flour batter. Allrecipes has a pretty good, detailed recipe, though in a pinch I'd use ordinary white flour mixed with some corn flour (as opposed to the traditional chickpea) and whatever spices I have lying around the house. Traditionally, Indians also coat pieces of bread in the batter to be deep fried. These taste really good served with ketchup.

2. Tres Leches is the name given to a Latin American dessert (alot of Venezuelans I've met really enjoy preparing this dish) that should really be called Manna or Ambrosia. It's basically a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk- evaporated, condensed, and plain full cream milk. The result is very moist and very sweet. I've always seen this cake topped with whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon. Here's another detailed recipe from Allrecipes. though you'll get similar results from a box-cake that's been soaked in the three-milk mixture. Don't forget to mix some cinnamon and other spices of choice in the milk mixture itself before pouring into the already- baked cake! The recipe given seems to exclude this step.
(picture from

3. Banana Fritters- this dessert seems to find its roots in the Caribbean. My Jamaican grandmother always used to prepare these to the great delight of my very sweet teeth. This snack taste the best when very ripe bananas are used. Here's a basic recipe.
Dust the fritters with brown, cinnamon or icing sugar when finished frying.

4. Peanut Punch- An easy recipe for a great smoothie-type drink that perhaps many readers have already tried. The interesting thing is that this drink is also Afro-Caribbean in origin. Simple recipe here, though instead of peanut butter many prefer to use pre-roasted peanuts.

This post has made me very hungry....


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