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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grindlebone: Haven for the Arts

Artists are often depicted in movies and literature as an elite, unapproachable, enigmatic group of people- a club you often see and admire, but somehow can never become a part of. The Grindlebone Arts Collective, according to member Gem Oddfellow, is not this sort of group. Instantly, when you browse through their website, you realize that she's right. With branches involved in film, publishing, theatre, and even fashion, Grindlebone accepts all who are able to offer a unique perspective, who wish to get something more out of life- which, when you think about it, refers to everyone.

What exactly is the Grindlebone Arts Collective?

The Grindlebone Arts Collective was started by Dr Donald Elwell with the intent of spreading quality, new work theatre and art to the public. Dr Elwell was tired of seeing the same production of the same play over and over again- the nine thousandth version of some musical written in nineteen fifty-six when someone else had just written someone new and shocking and no one will produce it. Also, Dr Elwell wants to create a space where artists can create and be supported by their art without the distraction of a day to day job. We're not saying that already written and established works are bad, no, just over done.

You guys have just staged a theatre production called Cyberpunk Opera, of which a film will soon be made. What role do you play in the film? How exactly will the company be incorporating the online game Second Life into the making of the film?

In Cyberpunk Opera I'm now playing duel roles- Justine and DCX 2026. Justine is a teenage girl whose father catches her online with another woman and sends her to a cruel and abusive camp- almost like the one in But I'm a Cheerleader except much more like a concentration camp. Her story is about how she gets out of the camp and overcomes what should be a scarring experience. The character of DCX, who is one of the SecondLife avatars, is the program that runs the computer world that all of the other characters exist in. She knows she is not human and yet she knows she can think for herself, so she begins watching these people- almost narrating their stories- as she learns how to act among them. Half of the script takes place in Virtual Reality and we will be using SecondLife to animate that. We have built the avatars that the characters talk about seeing and being and are currently in the middle of filming that section of the movie. This has been a learning experience for myself and several actors who have never done animation and voice work before.

From the Grindlebone website, you get the idea that being part of the Collective is like being part of a warm, welcoming family. Do you feel that way?

Grindlebone welcomes everyone. If you are an artist, or wishing to become an artist, we welcome you into our lives. Writers, painters, actors- whatever your flavor is. We all learn from each other and we all grow from each other. I feel very close to the people involved in this idea, and I really think that all of our current plans are going very smoothly and are going to work out really well. We are the dreamers and the lovers and the thinkers and the outcasts who want something a little bit more, a little bit more edgy, and a little bit more exhilarating. We are a group of people who work hard at what we do and support each other when we need it- and we keep all drama on the stage. I love Grindlebone and everything it stands for, and I hope it will be around for a long, long time. As a sidenote, to become a "Grindleboner", contact Dr Donald Elwell at to see what you can do. From promoting us to sending us things to publish to watching what we do to being in what we're doing. Some of our most dedicated members we haven't even met... yet.

If you help advertise for us, we'll help advertise for you. That's how we work- we're a somewhat dysfunctional, fun family of artists who just want to take care of each other. It's all about the work, you see. The Art.

I think it's pretty interesting that you've made an attempt to incorporate a clothing line inspired by Cyberpunk Opera.

Paul Meyd and I came up with the idea during rehearsal to turn a stencil I'd done of him for the 2006 production of Cyberpunk into a way to contribute. We're both a little bit broke and wanted to contribute something since the film has almost entirely been out of Dr Elwell's pocket. Also, we want to see Dub For Babylon filmed as well and make sure that Grindlebone is taken care of. So we started the etsy shop and welcomed people to donate used T-shirts and clothing for us to stencil on. So far the reactions have been positive, but I don't think we'll start seeing any money until after the movie is released. A lot of artists have come to us, as broke as we are, and asked what they can do without spending money. We're working on a stencil that will be released to the public for free for people to make Cyberpunk shirts, pants, bags, posters- anything- with, in the hopes that it will spread the word about Grindlebone.

You also plan to record an album later this year with James Henrique, who wrote the music for the play.

Jim is a genius musician and pretty much a one man digital recording show. I've written the lyrics and will be singing, and Jim is writing the music for the album. Since we've only just started production on that project it is hard to say exactly what genre of music it fits into. There will be a lot of different styles of music, from the cyber styles heard in the play to a punkish song called "My Fuck You Song". I have released to certain members in our group the lyrics to that song and there has been a lot of positive feedback This album will be available late summer of 2007 online for download or hard copy. If you go to the Grindlebone website you can by pre-sale copies that will be autographed and you'll recieve your album when it comes out. The song list includes "Sadie" (inspired by Preaching to Angels), "Dysnomia the Lawless" (inspired by the story of St Mai Reynolds), "Mermaid's Ballad", "Should've had Her Kiss" (inspired by the story of Cyrano de Bergerac) and "Proscenium Nightmares". Some of it comes off as angry girl music, but for the most part they are just fun, whatever occurs to me kind of songs.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Grindlebone has made an important impact in my life and is sure to make a positive, important impact in the lives of anyone that is now or will be involved. Never have I felt so good about myself and my friends and my art. I feel important and wanted and unique- and that's what Grindlebone wants everyone involved to feel. That- and loved. We are an on the level, take us or leave us, all or nothing group striving to make it in a country where corporate headquarters rule and art is slowly dying. At least, that's how we felt when we started this company. This is our slice of hope. Help us build our dream.

Check out for more information. Be sure to take a look at Gem's site @ as well, or support Grindlebone by purchasing merch available here.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cute Food

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a site that was filled with delicious treats made out of yarn. Being a yarn lover/crocheter, the scarves on this site really appealed to me. Twinkie Chan makes such adorable scarves, all based on foods!

I recently had the privilege of doing an interview with her, about her crafty business and such.

So tell us, who is Twinkie Chan? On a very literal level, Twinkie Chan is me! :) I wanted a different name for my crafty persona, to make a clean separation from my day-job/serious persona. Twinkie Chan is a gal who finds the world delightful and delicious and wants to share that joy with you!

How did you come up with the name? Chan is my mother's maiden name, and twinkies are just a funny food item to me. I don't like to eat them, as they seem to be made out of spaceage radioactive materials that will last the centuries.

What inspired you to start crocheting such cute things? I've crocheted weird little things since I was really little. I've always been obsessed with fake plastic food. It's just hilarious to me for some reason. So when I wanted to make some scarves for myself a few years ago, I found myself wanting to make them look like foods.

What is your favorite part about having your own business?
I work in publishing by day, and it's my job to support, and guide creative people. I really love helping other people's dreams come to life, but with my own business, it is extra fun to see my own ideas come to fruition.

What else do you do in your spare time? My daytime career is quite demanding, so with my crafty side business, there's not much time to spare! Mostly I just try to spend time with my friends and eat tasty meals together! I've been extremely obsessed with being productive lately, so I tend to use my free moments crocheting or sketching silly ideas on my computer.

What is your advice for people who want to start their own crafty business? There are a kabillion crafty people out there, so if at all possible, try to set yourself a niche, a specialty, a particular manifesto, style, and/or type of crafty item. I think that's helpful in marketing your unique skill and product. I know there is probably a devil's advocate opinion on that one, but it's the philosophy I've chosen for myself!

you can check out more of Twinkie Chan's cute crocheted items at

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Breaking into the Biz #1

"I want to feel more independent and more like an adult. My parents pay for practically everything. What can I do? Have any ideas?"

"What about that t-shirt business you were thinking about years ago?"

"I guess..."

"I've got some money to invest from giving lessons. You know how to make t-shirts. I'll be the capitalist and you can be the proletariat I exploit. We'll sell them in the music store. This is going to be fun."

"Hell no! It was my idea in the first place. Remember when I was going to make you a t-shirt that said 'My penis is handcrafted by God?'" We'll both be CEOs, only I'll be CEO #1 and you can be CEO#2."

"'My penis is handcrafted by God' was my idea! You don't have a penis!"

"Whatever, CEO #2."

And so, it begins. On Friday, when my boyfriend and I came home from seeing 300 at the cinema, we started talking about the things we wanted to change in our lives. After planning out a strategy to achieve the perfect Spartan body ("I'm in a new band now- maybe I should work on amping up my sex appeal..."), we decided to start a t-shirt business. We came to the conclusion that there's a definite shortage of cool, affordable clothes in Trinidad. But, more importantly, we realized that we need the extra cash.

I'll document the gruelling, inevitably entertaining journey here in the blog-slash-zine. Hopefully someone is able to learn something from our experience, or at least get a good laugh.

Next week: A peek into our brainstorming session for t-shirt slogans ("How about, like, something saying 'Puppets Rule'? Wouldn't you wear that? I know I would!"), a name for the company, and our shopping for supplies. Yes, we are total newbies at this. No, we have no business sense whatsoever. We're artists, man.

Link: Check out Mark Lim's guide to making and selling t-shirts online here. This guy left college to become an entrepreneur, something that I could probably never do. He's now the owner of a clothing company called Poison Apple. Check it out
(above- Mark Lim and one of his creations from Poison Apple Shirts).


Friday, March 16, 2007

Lighten up, it's just fashion!

Santino Rice has been, without a doubt, the most memorable contestant of Project Runway. With talent like his, you'd have expected him to have already presented several collections, or at least to have launched a successful singing career (anyone else remember that masterpiece entitled "Daniel Franco, Where did you go?"). We chat with Santino about everything from why he's decided to take it slow to his plans for the future (which may even include an appearance on a Broadway production of Project Runway: The Musical. It could happen!*)

How does it feel going from 'Santino Rice, the guy who lives next door' to Santino the Reality-TV star? Did you learn anything from the experience?

Well, this question alone could take up pages and pages of your zine, Amanda. Let me start by saying that I'm a fashion designer, a creative person that has always been an eccentric. Project Runway is more or less a "Reality Show" and yes, I'm a STAAAAAAR, darling, but I look forward to shaking off any label of being a "Reality TV Star". A TV star, sure... Fashion Star, most definitely... and I'd be involved with more TV, if it feels right to me- it's just that Reality TV as a genre has more mediocrity than positive attributes. I've seen what else is happening on other reality shows, shit is pretty wack! I became "The Star" of Project Runway 2 and magazines were saying I was made for TV, and all of this, but I feel like it didn't take much. Read a fucking book you idiots! That's what I want to scream at the TV set! I've learned a tremendous amount of things now, but that was my first time being involved in something like that. The next time will be much more and much funnier. Superlatives personified! I always knew I'd be famous though, that was always in my DNA. This fame, this amount of fame that I have right now though, is bullshit compared to what I envision...but you gotta start somewhere!
I honestly can't imagine you'd think of me as "the boy next door" type, but it's charming... I think that I've got a lot of special people in my life and I'm pretty special to those people as well. I rather fancy the idea of being a Star in real life rather than being a "Reality star".
Did I learn anything? Where to I begin with this one. Yes x 100,000,000! Simplifying your question to just what I've learned from going from anonymity to being a celebrity... I've said before that fame without fortune is annoying. As much time as I thought about it beforehand, you can never really prepare yourself for fame. I learned I made a lot of people a lot of money! You're welcome folks! Wanna buy a dress? People think the show was all fun, fun, fun. but you quickly see that the work you have to try to accomplish in the time frame allotted is so bogus, it's not fun at all. I had to bring the Fun! I was fun for me, everyone got to watch me entertain myself!
Seriously though, I learned a lot about how these shows work. I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about human nature. I learned a lot about the media. I learned that ultimately, who I am, is RIGHT and anyone who disagrees with who I am and what I create, and what I say, is WRONG! But on top of that they're none of my concern. And that one is a BIG one! I've always been confident about my ability and my brain. But what I went through, and in many ways that I am still going through, gives me so much solace in knowing I'm RIGHT, I'm O.K. It was more like a reconfirmation, but most importantly it enables me to really live and learn new things and create without caring about the finger-pointers and haters. Those fucks will always be there in your life and mine. Success is the best revenge!

What/who inspires you when you're designing and creating clothing?

God, Nature, and Music inspire me most. I feel that because I'm always soaking up everything around me, constantly reading, constantly learning, and listening. My work and my designs reflect that mix of information. I talk about God in my process because I get ideas and inspiration from "somewhere else" many times and I think it's God talking to me or my guardian angels talking to me...almost like they're saying,"Hey! Look over there, Santino!" and at that split second I see a snapshot of life that inspires a whirlwind of ideas in my mind. Of course, I'm not hearing voices! But I catch little snapshots like that all the time and they're very important to me. As well as when I'm sketching, I often feel more like a conduit and messenger than just drawing the list of ideas that I was wanting to sketch down that day. I start getting ideas from outside my conscious mind. Women and Men are, of course, majorly inspirational to my process as well. A clients personality...physical beauty, all very important to be stimulated on many levels.

What's the most interesting question fans ask you, and how do you answer them?

I don't know if it's so interesting, but more perplexing to me, that many young people ask me, "How did you know that you wanted to be a designer?" It then leads to them telling me of their ambitions to design as well, and I all I can tell them is to just pursue it! If it doesn't work out eventually then try something else. Of course there are plenty of people who's parents have lied to them and told them that they're super creative, or they should be a model, or whatever. But look at Michael Kors! Shit, if he can do it kids, you can too! ha ha... Seriously, even at that, if you really, really, love something, it will show! Whether or not you had a gift for it at birth or not, it will show. And the more you try, the more likely you'll be successful. Persevere, don't half-ass it! But also, look around, look at all the bad clothes that are being sold and all the bad clothes that people are wearing! There's work for you as a designer even if you suck! Sucking at design is obviously working out really well for many designers! Look at Michael Kors.....ha ha ha. I kid, I kid, I don't really think his clothes are so bad, they're just boring and he's just appropriating everything Halston already did. Michael Kors would like you to believe that he invented the mirrored Aviator sunglasses. But shit whatever, Knock 'em dead Mikey!

What's in store for the future, especially with regards to your clothing?

I'm still working on custom one-of-a-kind pieces. It's what I can afford to maintain. I'm in no hurry to try to put on fashion shows. I'm in no hurry to take out huge loans with the bank. I'm still looking for the right deal financially. Still talking to potential investors. It takes a lot of money. I know I can't expect anyone who doesn't work within the garment industry to understand this, but even if I scrounged together enough for 1 collection and doesn't mean I'll be around next season! Then say I get $1 million dollars in orders, which isn't a lot for a fashion house to produce, but it can take $300,000 dollars to produce those orders. I understand viewers see designers on the show and then when the show's over, they're expecting everyone to magically have a dream career and have stores around the world carrying their clothes. Unfortunately for all of the designers on the show it doesn't work that way. The designer's who have been able to do so are fortunate enough to have the means by which to do it, ie: have family money, or took out loans. I recently read an article in New York Magazine about Jeffrey Sebelia and the reporter makes all these ridiculous comments about how "unfortunate" Jeffrey's life is and I'm thinking Jeffrey has more shit going on then anyone from the show! Yeah, yeah, Chloe and Emmett have stores, but Jeffrey has a legitimate fashion brand that was off the ground prior to Project Runway. Jeffrey's famous now, but it doesn't mean you become a millionaire because you were on TV! And what, it's been like 3-4 months for him? Whether people want to be patient or not, it's going to take years, not months! Years, before you start seeing what happens with these designers. Jay McCarroll was, I'm guessing, so frustrated by all the questions of, "Where's your line?" for the past 2 years that he showed a collection 2 seasons ago in New York and I'm thinking, for what? To prove to people that you still exist? Big, expensive show...even if some of it was donated, I feel like it's really unnecessary for a young designer with unsure financial footing to throw a big fashion show! It's not like my ideal client is the same as the demographic of the show. I never thought 1+1= Billionaire! I realized long before that maybe I'd sell a few more dresses because I'm famous but any headway I'd make would be because of me. Having done the show has enabled me a certain amount of freedom as a designer. I'm still very happy of having made the choice to participate on the show. I don't live in the Hollywood Hills yet, but that's really unrealistic to have thought in the first place.

If you decided to be a crime-fighting superhero and got the chance to make your costume yourself, what would it look like? What would it be made of?

I wanted to wear something that crossed a suit of armor with the more traditional ease and range of motion that you get from good ol' Lycra tights. The cape is to fly of course! Who needs a jet; I'm bi-coastal in 30 minutes! The film Excalibur (1981) was a huge inspiration for me. That film has the most beautiful medieval costumes and the chrome and gold metal was ultimately what I decided to fabricate my own superhero costume from. I also quite like the idea of not only being a superhero but also a patron saint of sorts; For those who have been beaten down and discouraged while expressing their own creativity and imagination. The "S" radiates with the passion and love that I feel for my work. Its rays inspire new ideas and create hope in those who feel hopeless and confused. Thanks for asking, I had a great time living out this fantasy! Much Love and Respect!

*Check out what may be Santino's big break into the music industry, "Blow You Kisses" here. For more info on Santino's life after Project Runway, check out his Myspace, blog, and soon-to-be-updated website.

-Amanda C.Q.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tutorials on Home of the Sampler

Missed the opportunity for this month's Sampler? Use the tutorials to inspire you to make your own stuff!

This month, Sister Diane from (a brilliant podcast that features all aspects of art, craft and design) presents a how-to on Dorset Buttons.

These buttons are a great way of decorating crocheted and knitting projects, but they'd also look wonderful on sewing projects as well. Replacing ordinary buttons with dorset buttons would definitely give your handcrafted goods more value if you decided to sell them.


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Indie Craft Calendar!

Taryn at My My Distro has compiled all the crafty happenings across the US into one cute little calendar.

Look at it here. also has a calendar of crafty events, which includes some dates that are in the UK as well.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sustainable Magazine Reading

Nylon, a magazine that's incredibly attuned to indie culture, is now available in electronic form for $2 US a year for 10 issues. That's less that the cost of one issue in print. What's better is that you can sign up for a three-month trial. Right now I'm digging the current (free!) issue with Christina Ricci on the cover. Finally, I can understand the decision to star in Black Snake Moan!
Nylon Mag for men, released quarterly, is also available in electronic form.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crafting up a Revolution- The Rise of 'Alternative' Craft Books

Debbie Stoller's Stitch and Bitch seems to have inspired a craft book revolution. And yet, Some of the new books being released (see below) place more emphasis upon the alternative aspect of the new crafting movement than Stoller ever did. Marketing gimmicks by big publishing houses to appeal to myspace-embracing, Hot Topic-wearing youth culture of today, or a way of spreading a real do-it-yourself ethic? Would Karl Marx be proud of the revolution, or would he shrug his shoulders and go back to sleep? Read them and make up your own damn mind!

I'm not going to argue though, the knitted mohawk hat featured on the front cover is nothing short of cool. But then again, everything's cool to the knitter whose only completed project ever has been a scarf. Ok, so it was more like a swatch. Oh well.

Search for other upcoming releases in this vein. There are several.

If knitting isn't your s(ch)tick, there's a new book that reconstructs another fashion staple we seem to have way too much of in our closets- the denim jean. This book, released by the authors of the celebrated 99 ways to Cut, Sew, Trim and Tie your T-shirt into Something Special, offers you the potential to create more than just the boring skirt-from-jeans plastered all over the Internet. Don't judge the book by the simpicity of its cover- it teaches you how to create everything from jackets to blouses to a very cute bubble skirt. I'm drooling with anticipation over this one, though it probably won't stop me from pre-ordering Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows first.
Not so 'alternative', per se, but definitely eco-friendly.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Creative Ideas Needed

If you haven't heard about my crazy idea then let me tell you. I'm pursuing $10,000 in 6 months. I really need ideas, and need your help obtaining my goal. I'll be writing this blog for So please readers, my fellow bloggers tell me how you make money on the side or at least your ideas on how to make money on the side.

Email me your ideas @

And please don't send me referred links because I won't sign up.

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Fan Art, Fan Fic

During my senior year of high school and into my college years, I found myself an outlet in which to escape the stresses of term papers, exams and the social pressures that come with a higher education. I found TV's The X-Files.

I can't even tell you any more exactly what it was about the show that dragged me into it. Was it the whole conspiracy of hiding the truth about extraterrestrials? Was it the thrill of things making me jump when I least expected it? Or perhaps it was the sexual tension between the show's two lead characters. Whatever it was, it became my little safe haven of "insanity" within the confines of the sane world I was striving to succeed within.

My interest in the show soon brought me to trying my hand out at fan art and, ultimately, fan fiction. I took photos of the actors, screen captures of episodes and the show's logo to create (what I thought was) brilliant works of art. I built a web site to display my creations to all who shared my "addiction" to the show. I later tried my hand at writing fan fiction -- stories based on the show manipulating the characters the way I wanted to see them act and react.

Sometimes I would wonder if I was just wasting my time doing these frivolous acts. These works of visual and written art would only ever be appreciated by a relatively small community of people. Those outside of the community would probably laugh at me for doing these things. However, they kept my mind active and my mood upbeat, therefore, I continued to perfect my skills.

I've long ago left behind my fan art and fan fiction days. My beloved show came to an end, and life no longer gave me the freedom to indulge myself in these things. However, I came to realize those "frivolous acts" were not wasted time.

For one thing, though my art I made friends. I made many friends all across the world with which I stay in close contact still today. More importantly, my skills in fan art using Photoshop quickly paid off though a job at a newspaper, and my fan web site developed into doing a few sites professionally. My fan fiction taught me ways to better understand my audience and helped me learn more about how to write in general.

Things we love to do are never frivolous. For one thing, it makes you happy and gives you an escape from the world we live in today. Secondly, you never know when the things you do might just pay off in the future though the knowledge you gain.

Dare to be "silly" and to "waste time." Sometimes wasted time is really just an education in disguise.

Not your grandmother's doilies

Have you ever spotted someone you wished you could immortalize forever? Someone who you'd never seen before, but triggered some kind of spark or connection. Perhaps it was their facial expression, or the way they were sitting. Maybe, if you'd remembered to carry your digital camera, you could have snapped a photo of them when they weren't looking. Netamir from Israel creates crocheted dolls, which all seem like the snapshots of strangers we wish we could capture at times.

Check out the crocheted anarchist inspired by some guys she passed by near her house:

Crocheted artist:

You can even order a doll in your own image and likeness for $55. It's the ultimate birthday present to give yourself. Or, better yet, order a doll for your best friend or your mom and leave it somewhere conspicuous enough for them to discover it on their own. They'll either be really flattered or really freaked out.

Check out her blog and etsy shop.

Link found via

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The most frustrating thing about living in Trinidad is that the diy ethic hasn't really caught on yet. The arts and craft industry is geared towards generating souvenirs for tourists- there isn't really much of a market for handmade stuff otherwise. People hardly make their own things, 'cause they aren't really given an incentive to do it by the government, or by society. 'Making stuff' really isn't considered that cool anyway.

I discovered Threadbanger via the Craftzine blog. It's this new video podcast that's especially dedicated towards clothing reconstruction (if you've been reading the zine for some time, you'd probably know that it's something I find pretty interesting). Each week the hosts interview an artist or feature tutorials or clips sent in by viewers. Right now they're asking for suggestions for upcoming videos. Sign up and you can upload video clips of your own. The best thing about the podcast is that it combines activism and awareness, a very cool punk sensibility, and tips that you'd actually use into one convenient form. Like a Willy Wonka three-course meal pill, without the blueberry side effect.

Here's the first video (other two available at


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Going Into the Closet.

Going Into the Closet

The few nights during the month (during my college days), when I go out to the bars or a friend’s house party, I make sure to get my hair did and look good, in a manner of speaking. When it comes to sexuality, I’m pretty much your average straight guy, but for some reason I have been picked up and flirted with by more gay guys than straight girls. I am curious about this odd phenomenon.

Last year, at a friend’s birthday party, I left feeling that I was hit on by her gay friends. Very comfortable with myself, I was flattered and admitted to my friend that the guy was cute. This is one of many examples of my flirtation with the same sex. Being very much straight, I find it funny and I am OK with it happening. If anything, it’s an opportunity to make a new friend: a platonic friend.

I am just a very open person and whatever people choose to do with their sexuality is OK with me..

Some of my favorite music artists are those who have a lesbian following, such as Tegan and Sara, KT Tunstall and Melissa Etheridge. My friend, a lesbian folk musician, and I listen to similar artists. She cleared up my sexuality for me. “You’re a straight guy, but I’m attracted to you.” She made me an honorary lesbian.

I love short hair and like a girl who wears sweaters and glasses. Some people may call this look a bit masculine, but hey, I like it. People should be able to dress however they want and feel comfortable being who they really are.

On another note, I also realized that I do not really have a crush on many actresses or female musicians. I would, however, marry Johnny Depp if he was OK with it and am I love with Jack White.

To my credibility, I do like girls and cannot wait to have sex with one (read my old Velvet Rope for more on that). I like the finer things in life; jazz music, good wine, cooking and scrabble. Except for hockey, I’m not much into sports.

I may be more in touch with my feminine side and I am OK with that. In my opinion, more people need to be open to not following societal norms and be themselves, regardless of how others may percieve them.

I’m totally flattered with anyone finding me attractive enough to flirt with me.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Jen Stark

Today in my art class my teacher showed us this website. I was absolutely amazed by Jen Stark's use of an everyday object such as construction paper, and her colorful and inventive drawings and sketchbook pages.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

KneLow Cosmetics to take over the world?

Hello. My name is Raven, and I am addicted to lip gloss, lip balm, & basically anything that could fall under that category.I have searched far and wide for the best chap stick around, and Knelow Cosmetics is definitely where it's at. So far I've tried the Pomegranate and Vanilla Tingle "Lip Mercy"s, and both are to die for. Definitely one of my favorite cosmetic companies around.
So I did an interview with one half of the cosmetic company, Jamie, about the company itself and the founders.

Who are the creative girls behind KneLow cosmetics?

Jamie and Lisa are the KneLow Girls!
Jamie loves the edge of contrast including 50's pin-up girl style that borders on rock-a-billy, clothes and decor of black and white and stripey things. Her style in clothing and all aspects of decorating are slightly harder edged and organized. She is very co-ordinated from her shoes to her eyeshadow. But sometimes a girl has to relax and she also loves the rock-n-roll fashions made famous by Anita Pallenberg or the smudgy
make-up worn by Chrissie Hynde the lead singer of The Pretender's who perform her favorite song "Brass in Pocket"! One word describes Lisa...Eclectic!!! She also loves fashion but it's harder to pinpoint for her. She loves romantic ruffles and lace but also the bright colors and bold prints of Pucci. Bohemian style clothes and attitude is her closest match. She also uses this same style to decorate her home as well,using shabby chic and designer style to clash in a beautifully artistic way. Scarves of all shapes, sizes and colors are also a favorite staple for her wardrobe and she wears them in all kinds of combinations.

How did you two meet?

We met in the second grade in our home town of Seattle. We didn't become friends right away but we soon started to get into misadventures that led to weeding the schools gardens. Some one definitely should have called the CPS! By high school we where inseparable and still are. The only thing that has changes is 20 something years is when we are feeling mischievous we try to channel it into more creative endeavors instead of juvenile destruction.

What inspired you to start your own cosmetics company?

We have both always loved cosmetics and bath products and one day we decided to start our own company so we could make them the way we wanted them to be. We thought about what products we would want to start off with and did research and made them. It was all really simple and way less complicated than you would think. We have a high quality standard and are very discriminating on what our product should be so it was easy for us. We also have a great group of family and friends who know that we appreciate honesty so they were the perfect guinea pigs!

How did you come up with the name for this awesome company?

That also is simple we just incorporated parts of our last names, the"Kne" comes from Lisa's name and the "Low" comes from Jamie's.What do you like to do in your spare time? KneLow is what we do in our spare time. Jamie is a full time stylist in a salon and Lisa is a full time florist. KneLow also lets us do our favorite thing, shopping! Got to research and keep up on the competition to be current and hip!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

KneLow is what we do in our spare time. Jamie is a full time stylist in a salon and Lisa is a full time florist. KneLow also lets us do our favorite thing, shopping! Got to research and keep up on the competition to be current and hip!

Any other projects that you are involved in?

We do numerous events through out the year. Some of the regulars are I Heart Rummage a really fun Indie craft sale in Seattle the first Sunday ofthe month at the Crocodile Cafe on 2nd Ave. Check out I Heart Rummage for current details. We also do an event called the Swank show that is 4 times a year before holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day, etc. also featuring the best Indie crafters Seattle has to offer. This year will be our second year at Bumbershoot, Seattle's premier music festival that is scheduled Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend. This is a very big one folks and if you've ever been you know how much fun it is and the music rocks! We will be in the Indie CraftMarket by the famous International fountain. Go to to checkout the full line up of crafters attending and the full line up of musicgroups. This event never disappoints! What does the future hold for KneLow Cosmetics?World Domination! If that doesn't happen immediately we'll take barrelsand barrels of success and brand recognition. Our line will also beintroducing several new products this year for sure and a few maybes. A few of our fragrances are waving bye-bye and we are introducing 3 new ones to take their place. Wilhelmina a pretty rose floral blend, Lavinia a sassylavender, and Antoinette a sexy amber infusion. New Products we will belaunching this year are; Shower Gel (name to be announced) in all 12 fragrance and fragrance free, Sweet Mercy a lip treatment with sugar toex-foliate dry lips in all six of our fabulous flavors, Retro Cream Perfume also available in all 12 fragrances. The maybes include incense sticks and cones, Retro Cream Soap, and Candles all in our 12 fragrances.

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