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Friday, September 21, 2007

Crash Couches Abroad: Bumming Goes High-Tech

Traveling is a good time, but it can be lonely and expensive if you don't know any of the locals. Hotels are out of most travelers' price range, hostels are a little cheaper, but what if you would be content with crashing on someone's couch? The less money you spend while you're asleep, the more you can experience while you're awake. Now there's a solution to all of these problems: couch surf.

This website,, has put together an amazing network of travelers and hosts throughout the world that are all committed to having a good time and giving or receiving hospitality. You create a profile, search for people in the area where you want to travel, and arrange to crash their couch. Members are vouched for by trusted members that have also been vouched for. Couch surfers build networks of friends and mutual contacts as they travel the world on the cheap.