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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flippin' Sweet

Remember Twinkie Chan, the food-themed-scarf-crocheter extroadinaire Raven interviewed a while ago? After a several month haitus, she's back with new listings on ebay.
Check out the super cool fuzzy poptart scarf, with half-eaten poptart!

If sweet treats aren't your thing, there's also a toast scarf with heart shaped pats of butter-
Auctions end in a day!

Also flippin' sweet is this dress by Keiko Lynn of Postlapsaria. Though this dress isn't on sale, she's got some other items marked down by almost 50%.

Next on the super-awesome list are these Crafty Curio Kits by Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club- also the host of the DIY Network's Craft Lab. Each kit contains several bits of vintage and other collectibles and crafty items you can use to create your own repurposed jewelry. Items are arranged in packs according to colour.

Avaliable on etsy.

Last on the flippin' sweet list is Sipderman 3, 'cause by going to see it, I think I was enlightened. I got some really important questions answered, for example: How good does the pie you've been eating at a quaint little cafe taste after you've told your best friend that you've been intimate with his lady friend?

The Answer:


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