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Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh, Joy!

Bettyjoy is a one-woman business started by Lucia that gives a whole new spin on the term cottage industry- it's run from her 'little cottage' in the North of England. I stumbled across her site and was impressed by the sheer variety and quirkiness of the items offered- a plethora of cool crafts made by consigners I'd never heard of or seen before. The thing that should really strike you about Lucia is that she seems like you, me, and everyone- a woman who, quite simply, enjoys seeing other people's creations and wishes to share this passion with the world.

Lucia picks her favourite 5 items from the shop (at present!) and tells us why she likes 'em so much.

Lego Earrings

These are fabulously retro and remind me of my childhood making lego houses and gardens. There are matching necklaces too – how fab!! Also by Swank – check out the lizards and lightbulbs earrings and the feathery earrings made from the lesser spotted tigeroo bird!!

Cassette Purse

This is a fantastic design – It reminds me of the good old days before CDs, when your tapes always got chewed up my the cheapo walkman your mum got off the market!! This purse is also really trendy now with the 80’s revival, there are tapes and synths everywhere- speaking of which, check out the patches by Ohgoshmassacre instore too- fab for jazzing up your bag/coat/whatever.

Custom-Made Shopper

I love all the items by Custom-Made but I think this is my fave. Its a really great fashionable shopper, great for carrying your college work in or to wow your work colleagues with. If you are feeling bit down or you think your outfit looks tired just make sure you have this bag with you to jolly it all up and you will be smiling in no time! The little cherry pin detail is really sweet too. I also love the ice-cream pins and hairgrips too – I love anything kitsch and bright. If blue or orange aren’t your thing check out the selection of bags by Sugarcane – I have my beady eye on the leaf and berry bag!!

Sugar Plum Charm Bracelet

This is a much more ‘grown-up’ item than the previous ones, but I absolutely adore the colors of the pearls and wearing this I actually look and feel sophisticated- a mean feat!! This bracelet is really versatile too and could be worn with a jeans and top outfit or to accessorise a much more glamorous outfit for a posh ‘do’. These items make really great presents and I know if I got one of these as a present I’d have a big smile on my face! By Stardust Jewellery.

Cutesypoo Skunks

These little guys are really kicking up a stink at Bettyjoy!! I absolutely adore everything Cutesypoo makes and these are no exception. The detail of the plush toys is fantastic, I love their eyes and eyelashes too! We had really gorgeous some bunnies and bears in before Christmas which sold out almost immediately. We also have other plush toys by different designers –the plush owls are a hoot and the dog with treats on a stick is totally adorable!

For more Bettyjoy, check out her Myspace and Etsy account.


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